- Abortion -

  • Individual Choice
    I believe that in the first trimester of a pregnancy, it is a woman's personal choice and should be left solely between her and her Doctor - In accordance with federal law.
  • Pro-Life
    I believe in life after the first trimester of pregnancy, with the exceptions of health and viability. Approximately 92% of all abortions are performed in the first trimester.

- Budget -

  • Budget Reform
    I believe the budget process is dysfunctional, we can't continue to rely on continuing resolutions and shutdowns, complete and balanced budgets on time are necessary.
  • Budget Accountability
    I believe that we need to make our budget more transparent, we must stop wasteful and redundant spending and start holding people accountable for best practices.
  • Balanced Budget
    I believe the federal government should be required to have a balanced budget. We need to put an end to deficit spending and start chipping away at the national debt.
  • Waste And Corruption
    I believe due to a lack of oversight and accountability, waste and corruption run rampant in the system and the cost to taxpayers is immense and unnecessary.

- Civil Rights -

  • Racism
    I believe that we should have zero tolerance for racism, antisemitism, bigotry and discrimination of any kind; this is the twenty first century and we must not tolerate it.
  • Equality
    I believe that all people are equally entitled to their civil rights, regardless of; sex, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or physical and mental health.
  • LGBT
    I believe that the people of the LGBT community are equally entitled to their civil rights and are entitled to live a discrimination free life. Live and let live.
  • Women's Rights
    I believe that women are entitled to the fundamental rights to; live free from violence and discrimination, receive equal pay for equal work and all civil rights applied equally.

- Crime -

  • Criminal Justice Reform
    I believe we we must entirely eliminate racism and prejudice from the justice system, we also need to provide more support programs for a successful transition to society.
  • Police
    I believe that police are critical to public safety, they have a difficult role and must be provided with all of the tools and training necessary to do an effective and unbiased job.
  • Marijuana
    I believe marijuana should be treated like alcohol; it should be legalized at the federal level, regulated and taxed - Hemp should also be farmed for it's many uses.
  • Drug Epidemic
    I believe we have big problems with illegal and legal narcotics, we must start holding people much more accountable - The manufacturers, doctors, dealers and the end users.
  • Private Prisons
    I believe a private prison system is a bad idea, I think that it opens the door to corruption and probable preferential treatment. We need to improve the current system.
  • Body Cameras
    I believe the use of a body cameras by law enforcement officers is vital for both the officer and the person being confronted, it should be a standard model everywhere.

- Economy -

  • Economic Development
    I believe that the health and well being of people and the nation are directly affected by a strong and stable economy, we must focus on a sustainable growth strategy.
  • Jobs
    I believe in the concept of jobs for all, we must do everything that is necessary to keep and create jobs here at home. A strong job market equals a strong national economy.
  • Small Business
    I believe that this country was built on the backs of small business and all big companies begin small. We must provide small employers with access to more resources.
  • Minimum Wage
    I believe that a strong economy and strong employment opportunities go hand in hand; individual businesses should set competitive wages accordingly, to attract quality employees.

- Education -

  • Teachers
    I believe that teachers are the life blood of our education system, pay them what they are worth and give them what they need to provide a quality education to our children.
  • K-12
    I believe that every student has the right to a quality and equal public education. I also believe that every student should be provided with breakfast and lunch at no cost.
  • Funding
    I believe we must mandate state and local government to provide uniformed, adequate and equitable funding to all schools and students evenly, an equal education for all.

- Energy -

  • Clean Energy
    I believe we have many options for improving the performance and affordability of clean energy. We cannot wait for someday, we have to advance this technology now.
  • Renewable Energy
    I believe we can eventually rely 100% on clean, renewable, non fossil fuel energy sources; wind, solar, geothermal, RNG / biogas, ect... We must invest in our future.
  • Petroleum
    I believe that the USA will utilize petroleum for the some time to come, we must have responsible production while we phase in new and clean sources of energy.
  • Coal
    I believe that the life expectancy of coal is much shorter than that of petroleum in the USA, we must advance clean coal technology for use around the rest of the world.

- Environment -

  • Environmental Protection
    I believe we have made big improvements on reducing air, water and land pollution over the last 50 years; but we have to significantly increase our efforts.
  • Clean Water
    I believe we cannot neglect our water resources under any circumstance. We must demand clean drinking water for all and keep pollution out of our waterways.
  • Public Lands
    I believe it is in our best interest to designate more federal and state land as national parks and forests, we need to focus on conservation and future recreational use.
  • Recycling
    I believe that we need to make recycling programs easier and more effective. We need to explore more uses of recycled products and continue to reduce landfill pollution.